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Disclaimer and Important information

Disclaimer and other important information

I do not have a shop, so please do not call in person.

UK shipping


Unfortunately due to the increase in postage prices as of 21st January 2023, I have had to increase my postal charges

spend up to £24.99 and postage is £4.50

£25.00 to £49.99 postage is £7.00

£50.00 upwards postage is £10.00

Orders over £150.00 are sent free

Please note this does not include my bespoke framing service where you send me your work to frame.  Return postage and insurance is payable at the customers expense based on the final weight of the parcel



If you live outside UK it is based on final weight
Payment can be made via Paypal or using the online merchant services

I place orders for charts and kits on the 1st day of each month.  A deposit * is require from you as the final price of the chart and kit depends on the exchange rate.  I will email you once the items you have ordered are in stock with the final price.  You can cancel at this point if you wish.  If you want a chart quicker and do not want to wait, I can place a special order just for you, but you will be required to pay the additional shipping costs which it will incur.  If I can keep costs down I can pass savings on to you. *Sorry deposits are non-refundable.
Please allow 28 days from ordering for receipt of your goods unless otherwise advised.

With regard to ordering via the internet.  We confirm that we use a secure server for all credit card orders.  We are based in Gloucester, England. 

Every frame supplied is specifically made to your order and as such the refunds offered under the distance selling acts are not applicable as each item is made to your requirements.  If your item arrives damaged, we must be notified within 7 working days from receipt and under our insurance the damaged piece will be replaced free of charge with our apologies, for more details of this please see  below.  
When measuring your frame, please note there are two different sizes used when making a frame, the "glass size" and the "aperture size".  All our frames are built to the glass size.  The aperture size is approximately 5mm smaller all round.  If you specifically require an aperture size, this is not a problem but please simply add the word "aperture" to your order and we will make the appropriate adjustments to your frame. .
We use a "contract" wooden moulding for our kits.  Wood is a natural product and contract wooden mouldings do carry knots and minor blemishes and imperfections which are to be expected, whilst we do our best to ensure these are avoided, some knots and imperfections will be used and this adds to the character of the frame. This does change depending upon our supplies so if you wish to frame a set of pictures we recommend you buy all the frames you need at the same time.  Our circular frames are made from Beech block and the segments of block can sometimes be seen after lacquering. If you have any queries, please let us know. 
If you require your kit for a specific date, please let us know and we will do our best to meet that date.
Every effort is made to include all your requirements.  Please note that wood, paper and mountboard are made from natural products and may be subject to movement with any change of temperature or humidity.
The mouldings shown and mountboards shown are an example of the products and may be subject to slight variances in shade and profile which is beyond our control.  Mountboard can vary in shade from order to order made via our supplier. This is beyond our control whilst every effort to ensure a colour match will be made.
Wood mouldings may carry knots and minor blemishes which are visible.  The elimination of knots and blemishes  may not be possible.
Kits provided by SD Framing may not be copied or reproduced without the consent of SD Framing.  SD Framing reserves the right to alter or change any design, their contents or package without prior notification of any sort.
We cannot accept liability for loss, damage or injury caused whilst using this product.
When purchasing our tapestry tape, please be advised that it is extremely sticky and care should be taken as it can hurt the tips of your fingers when using it.  When purchasing picture hooks and hangings it is your responsibility to ensure they will carry the weight and have been fixed properly, our liability only extends to the cost of the physical hook.
Our kits are not suitable for children and it is your responsibility to dispose of the packing carefully and keep packing away from children to avoid the risk of suffocation.
Mail Order
Regarding mail order, once items are put into the post or with the courier they are no longer under our control.  Adequate packing is used for each product in accordance with Royal Mail guidelines.  From time to time items do get damaged during transit, and damage should be reported to us within 7 days from the date of receipt and we will replace the damaged parts.  
Cross stitch charts which are sent via email to you are non-refundable.  These charts are subject to copyright and are not to be reproduced or resold or to be placed on any sharing website. 

​Other kits can be returned if unopened and smoke free and in a resell able condition.  There is a restocking fee of 20% of the original purchase price and return post is your responsibility.

Dyed fabric is non refundable.  Each piece is unique.  If you require enough pieces to do a series of pictures we recommend you order them at the same time.  We will aim to redye to match however this cannot be guaranteed.

Classic postal damage is split mitres at the corners of the frames and this is caused by the frame being twisted in the post office machinery, and is not our poor workmanship.  We apologise for any damage, and will sort any problems out.  Unfortunately how the Royal Mail works is beyond our control.  We may also use other carrier services to send our frames.
When sending needlework to us we strongly recommend it being sent via recorded or special delivery.  We cannot be held responsible for work lost in transit to us. 

We cannot accept liability for loss or damage to any needlework by whatever means beyond the value of the materials in the piece used.

We do not sell your details to any other third party.  We will only contact you if we have a problem with your order, and/or if you have requested to be on our mailing list (which you can ask to be removed from at any time).  We only hold your name, address and telephone number for accounting purposes.

Frames are sent by a variety of carriers.  If you are out when the frames are delivered the post man will leave a card through your door for you to collect your frames. Frames which are returned to us if you do not collect them within the couriers period it is your responsibility to pay the cost of the return postage.  We will send you an email together with a copy of the front of your parcel.  Upon receipt of the re-posting fee we will re-dispatch.  If for any reason you did not receive a card from your delivery, then you will have to take this up direct with your them, as we can only rely on the information provided by the delivery service on the face of the parcel. We cannot accept liability for loss or damage to any needlework by whatever means beyond the value of the materials in the piece used.
All frames whether they are kits or bespoke frames are made specifically to your order.  We do not carry and of our frames in a ready made format.  As your frame is being made specifically to your requirements we do not offer refunds.  It is our discretion if for any reason we do give a refund but this is subject to a 50% handling charge and postage is not refundable.  
It is deemed that by placing your order you have read, understood and agree to the above.
Upon placing any order, it is deemed that you have read and accepted this information.  If you have any queries, please let us know.  Many thanks.
We reserve the right to amend any moulding shown in this site, on our catalogue or with magazine offers as sometimes they are unavailable and this is beyond our control.  We also reserve the right to amend prices without further notification.
November 2016

Postage and Payment

                                           Total Spend                     Postage & Packaging (UK)              
                    £0.00- £25.00                                        £3.50                  
£25.01 - £50.00                                         £6.00
£50.01 and over                                     Free

We will send goods all over the world
If you live outside of the UK the postage will be based on weight, please contact us for an estimate.
If you want the goods, email us your order; we will send you a PayPal invoice for the order and if goods are not in stock a second invoice for shipping.  We always try to find the most cost effective way of sending goods to you safely and quickly.

Payment can be made via Paypal or using the online secure merchant services

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