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Stitch it frame it kits for
Bothy Thread cross stitch projects

A Stitch it Frame it kit for you to stretch and frame your Bothy Thread cross stitch kits including the Wrendale range and Sally King@s shoes.  All cross stitch kits are available from your local Bothy Thread supplier or BothyThreads themselves.

Each kit contains, frame, perspex, mount where shown (conservation quality) Stretching board (conservation quality) with tapestry tape, bits and bobs to finish and seal your frame and easy to follow instructions for you to use.

If you would like the mount cut slightly different (as a few designs are slightly smaller) this is not a problem.

This kit comes with the best quality materials for you to stretch and frame your picture.

Currently we have two different size kits, the smaller Wrendale frame which is designed to fit the Fun-Gi mouse and others of a similar size, and the square frame designed to fit the majority of the square Wrendale designs and the trilogies.  The Bothy Shoe kits are the same size and fit all current Shoes (the only one I am not too sure of is the stained glass shoe and need to stitch this one to check the fit.  When I have stitched other sized designs the frame kits will follow.  

The size of stitching is shown on the Bothy Thread instructions, and we have the mount sizes shown on the web site.  Please check your sizes carefully.

Happy stitching and happy framing.

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Examples of frames and mounts

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